For over fifty years we have been creating excellent products for the heating and energy efficiency of domestic spaces. Our vast range of pellet, wood or wood-pellet hybrid stoves, fireplaces, boilers and hearths offers maximum flexibility and unparalleled performance, as confirmed by the numerous certifications obtained.

Find the product that's right for you

Discover the solutions for heating the air and the home

Choose the right product to heat your home with wood, pellets or both.

Discover solutions for heating water and your home

Choose products that heat your home and hot water with wood, pellets or both.

Choose the fuel that suits your needs

Take advantage of the versatility of biomass with our products: wood, pellets and peanuts. Choose the ideal option for your home, discovering the advantages and unique performances of each fuel.

Advanced solutions for greater comfort

For years we have been committed to improving and innovating our heating solutions. Our source power system is patented but it is not the only technology available for Girolami products.

Source power supply
It brings warmth to the whole house
Smartphone control

Discover state incentives

Thanks to government incentives on the purchase of high energy efficiency products, you can benefit from purchase prices.

Choose a sustainable heating method

Respect for the environment depends on your choices.

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