Wood-pellet hybrid: the maximum expression of independence

Having a stove, a thermo fireplace or a Girolami hybrid boiler means being able to choose how and when to use the fuel you want. For years we have believed that hybrid wood-pellet combustion was the solution for heating the home without worries, we invested in this technology and patented it, transforming it into our flagship. Our hybrid products are designed to burn pellets, mince or wood. The change from one fuel to another occurs automatically, guaranteeing total freedom of use.


If you want to enjoy the pleasure of a natural flame and the scents of burning wood, you can use wood, if you want to be practical and quick in heating your home you can prefer pellets or chopped wood. This will also allow you to make thoughtful purchases based on the market price trend of each fuel, saving money. Total freedom to give you maximum independence.

Today we are by far the company with the widest range of hybrid products on the market and we can boast the greatest experience in hybrid combustion.


All products are equipped with a source feeding system which allows the pellets to be loaded from the bottom and allows the ash to fall directly into the brazier, which will be automatically cleaned the first time it is turned on.


So you can say goodbye to weekly cleaning. The high quality of our products is demonstrated by the 5-star energy certification for most of them.

Hybrid air stoves

Heating your home with an air pellet stove is perhaps the easiest choice, our hybrid wood-pellet solutions also offer you the possibility of choosing which fuel to use.

Hybrid thermo stoves

A wide range of hybrid thermo stoves with different powers and finishes to heat your home without worries.

Hybrid boilers

Hybrid boilers that use wood, pellets or chopped wood to heat domestic hot water and the home.

Hybrid thermo fireplaces

Choose from the vast range of hybrid thermo fireplaces from 14 kW to 26 kW, the one that best suits your home.

Hybrid monoblocks

Air monoblocks with refractory stone interior.

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